Yarnstorm on Screen

We’re being stalked! AAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEE! Oh, hang on. It’s the lovely ladies from kick-ass documentary team Alt Artist.

Alt Artist have been stalking us with their cameras since our Oranges and Lemon’s Odyssey. They love what we do. We love what they do. We’re pretty sure you’ll love what they do too when you watch one of their bitesize films of our sneaky stitching.

Yarnstorm on Screen: Oranges and Lemons Odyssey – the movie

Once in a lifetime a film comes along that will touch your heart, make you laugh till tea comes out of your nose, make you cry till you get a dehydration headache, and make you wish that you could live you life again and do it alllllll so differently that world peace ensued and all famine was wiped out.

This is not that film.

But it is pretty freaking cool.

City Interventionists, apparently

London in the summer is full of festivals. Not just the kind of festivals that see you up to your knees in fast-food flecked mud, quietly dreading the next time you have to brave the horror that is the campsite toilets, and subject to the sudden unexplained urge to get luminous dreadlocks smeared into your greasy unwashed hair. There are much less smelly festivals too. And Knit the City were invited to take part in one.

Yarnstorm on Screen: Nutcracker Knitmare Before Christmas

Bringing you a bit of festive fibre on film our Fairy Godmothers of Documentrydom, the Alt Artist girls, have put together a little movie of our Knitmare Before Christmas.

Yarnstorm on Screen: Handmade Herd

Let the Magic Lantern of the sorceresses of Alt Artist show you the wonders of the Handmade Herd with Moving Pictures.

Other yarnstorm movies:

The BBC at the Yarnstorming of Covent Garden

Knit the City meet Swiss TV – A team from Télévision Suisse Romande stalk KTC as they yarnstorm London’s BFI IMAX cinema with their Wall of Wonderland. Press page

Knit the City yarnstorm This Morning – The KTC girls are outed by ITV’s cheesy but cheerful daytime show. Press page


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