Permission to Yarnstorm

On rare occassions our stitching isn’t as sneaky as usual. These are those yarnstorms:

Permission to Yarnstorm: Kirby’s Epic Yarnstorm

When the world’s most famous computer game company loses one of their best-loved characters in a giant magic sock there are very few people who they can call for help. Lucky for Nintendo when one of our spy pigeons found out Kirby was in peril he flapped untidily to the wool-lined Knit the City bunker to coo all. Within seconds (after we’d got to the end of our rows) we were armed to the teeth with sharpened needles and were on our way…

Permission to Yarnstorm: Knit the City knit John Smedley

It was an unlikely match: one of Britain’s oldest knitwear designers (they’ve been making trendy knits for over 200 years) and one of London’s sneakiest stitching crews. But when John Smedley invited the Knit the City Yarn Corps to show a little of their history in graffiti knitted form we were wooed by just how much history they had.




Want to commission Knit the City? If we like what you do we might say yes. If we don’t we’ll run away giggling. Email us to find out.


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