They've put a giant squid on a the father of modern biology! There must be a catch!

What are the underlying subversive, feminist and political aims behind your woolly street art?

We’ve had many, many, many questions searching for a gritty underside to our kooky little knits. We can only say that how you interpret our art is up to you and we’d like to leave it that way.

But if you insist then we’ll keep it simple.

For our part we yarnstorm most simply because it’s an overwhelmingly crazy, wondrous and hilarious thing to be a part of. Sharing our squishy art with the world is a huge pile of fun. You try putting an 8-metre giant knitted squid on a statue of Charles Darwin, or a giant cosy on a phonebox in a CCTV-scrutinised city square and see how it feels. There’s an unashamed grin and a giggle behind our street art. It’s a stitched shove that says “Wake up! Look around! The world is a mad and marvellous place and we get to live in it!”

If you’re desperate for us to be waving political woolly banners, knitting yarny bras to set on fire and shoving the faces of little old knitting ladies into a vat of hot stitched subversion then you’ll have a bit of a wait. Life is beautiful and all kinds of weird, and we believe not every work of art has to be stony faced and outraged. We also don’t think you should respect our art less because we’re not shouting about bringing down the man with our woolly fists of righteous indignation, or lamenting the horrors of global warming by knitting houses for homeless penguins and polar bears.

This doesn’t mean we’re not intelligent people with deep thoughts and strong opinions in the tangles of our brains. In fact we are very passionate about our beliefs and ideas. We’re just not insisting you hear them by screaming them out loud with our stitching. We’ll take a lonely place, a forgotten law, a hidden bit of history, or a happening, and we’ll stitch its story. But it’s up to you to decide what our woolly art represents.

One thing we do hope is that our sneaky stitching encourages others to bring their city to life in ways only they can imagine. After all a city without citizens is just an empty shell of a place.

Change and making the world a better place can be done with a grin instead of a grimace. We do believe that what we do can change the way people look at their world. How it changes it is up to them. You shouldn’t need to be told how to think. It’s your world. Live in it as you will. We’ll keep on knitting.


4 Responses to “WHY?”

  1. Rin March 10, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    What a refreshing post, thank you for the reminder that fun and fabulousness are as important as the serious issues of life!

  2. BlueMoonArtistry March 10, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Hurrah! Sometimes I get rather tired of political tirades and folk who take everything just a little too seriously and want to cram their personal opinions down my throat. Thank you for this manifesto of adding a little whimsy to the world. There is great value in making someone smile.

  3. spinningkat March 10, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    I love your approach-with all the crazy stuff we hear in the news-a little whimsy is needed-congrats!!

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