Permission to yarnstorm: Kirby’s Epic Yarnstorm

26 Feb

Kirby kidnapped by evil wizard, Yin Yarn, in shock misunderstanding over tomato ownership! The horror!

When the world’s most famous computer game company loses one of their best-loved characters in a giant magic sock there are very few people who they can call for help. Lucky for Nintendo when one of our spy pigeons found out Kirby was in peril he flapped untidily to the wool-lined Knit the City bunker to coo all. Within seconds (after we’d got to the end of our rows) we were armed to the teeth with sharpened needles and were on our way…

Kirby has asked us to keep details of his rescue on the down low as he finds the whole things rather traumatic. He did, however, agree to join us in a yarnstorm to celebrate his new found freedom. We created a little bit of Kirby love in one of London’s most grey and colourless neighbourhoods, Elephant and Castle, which is in parts almost as smelly as the inside of a sock.

He asked us to meet him at a grimy subway entrance. We’re very trusting. We did.

We suspect Kirby wants us to follow him

Yup, definitely getting that idea

Are we nearly there yet?

Quick! It's daylight! Run before David Bowie comes out wearing tights!

Fresh air at last. Well, sort of fresh...

We found ourselves outdoors. And Kirby was not alone. He introduced us to his squishy pals.

A blinky comfy cloud

Why are they staring? Do we have something in our teeth?

The cloud's rather handsome blue-eyed brother

A friend with a scarily sunny disposition

And four fiercely friendly flowers who spent most of their time arguing over which one Kirby would take out on the town that evening.

He loves me

He loves you not

No no I think you'll find he loves me

Give it up, girls. His sweet caboose is mine.

Not your usual Elephant and Castle crowd

Oddly enough despite their cuddliness and vacant expressions the weather boys seemed to know their stuff. Under their woolly guidance a little bit of Kirby’s world bloomed from the grotty ground.

The knitted grass is always greener

Patchwork planet

The green green grass attracted some fungi fun guys.

Make rooms for the Shrooms

Kirby got the giggles at this point. When that ball of pink stuff giggles he giggles loud.

Mushroom puns were rife.

Lucky for all concerned Prince Fluff had also arrived. You can tell from his beetling eyebrows that he’s a slightly more serious type. Either that or he’s in dire need of eyebrow tweezers.

Plush, purled and feeling fine

So the Kirbster held court. Dishing the dirt on what really goes on behind closed doors in the world of Nintendo characters. From Mario’s ‘Just for Men’ tinted moustache, to the night Link left his magical ocarina on the night bus, to the embarrassing evening when Donkey Kong mistook a Tetris Cube for a banana at a party.

"Then I said to Luigi, 'That's not Bowser! That's my wife!'"

He drew in quite a crowd.

The Shrooms on crowd surveillance

Foolishly we are ashamed to say at this point in the celebrations Kirby started to get hungry. Against our better judgement we left the festivities for a fish n chip run. We left four of our most trusted guard pigeons in charge.

"Manky foot to Crooked Wing, I have the perimeter."

It was broad daylight in the middle of a busy roundabout. What possible danger could there be to a small pink ball of stuffing and his friend?

A tiny ball of pink fluff in the middle of Elephant and Castle. Why worry?

Foolish, foolish yarnstormers!

We returned to three shell-shocked Shrooms, a lopsided sun, some frightened fibre foliage and a pile of unconscious guard pigeons.

Game over, man. Game over.

Kirby, Fluff, the yellow flower and the two cloud brothers had vanished.

Looks like it’s back to the Magic Sock for us. Clearly Kirby is going to need rescuing again. The work of a yarnstorming security force is never done.


Kirby’s Epic Yarnstorm was yarnstormed at London’s Elephant and Castle on February 24 2011 by Deadly Knitshade, The Fastener, and Shorn-a the Dead. We also employed a small stitching army to make many squares. It was part of the launch of the Kirby’s Epic Yarn game by Nintendo, a game where knitting and gaming meet, have round pink babies and live happily ever after. It’s as if Nintendo made a game just for us.
For more on this yarnstorm check out:

Nintendo Magazine’s Kirby transforms Elephant & Castle – Pictures

The Average Gamer’s Kirby’s Epic Yarn – The Elephant And Castle Yarnstorm

And, our favourite, this spectacularly bad review from Electric Pig which calls it “little more than some oppressively ratty woolen toys on a drab concrete bench near a bus stop. This looked more like an NSPCC advert than an exciting novelty launch event.” Maybe they should have waited till it was finished to take photos, eh? Our first bad review! YAY!


7 Responses to “Permission to yarnstorm: Kirby’s Epic Yarnstorm”

  1. Gingerknits February 26, 2011 at 11:32 am #

    Did you see you got a mention on The Register too?

  2. Nick Silversides February 26, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    We liked your yarnstorm. Cute, happy and so soft 🙂

    The Average Gamer

  3. Yarn Craft Rebel February 26, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    Great work girrrls!!!

  4. Irit February 28, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    This is amazing! I wish I could knit, so that I could do the same in Tel Aviv.

    I was just wondering – do you want people to “steal” your knitted creations? Or would you rather they stayed on the street? I must admit that if I saw one of these woolly creatures, I don’t think I would be able to resist its charm…

    • Deadly Knitshade February 28, 2011 at 4:38 pm #


      We’re happy for people to steal our work and give it new homes. We leave a little label on them that says “Confess your theft at

      Not many confess though.

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